Our goods, if not otherwise agreed by mail, are delivered ex-works. The transport is to be considered completely on customer’s charge.
The package of the goods is made with wood straw or with protections made with bubble polyurethane foam and polystyrene appropriate for protecting goods against hits during the transport.
We remember that sometimes the carriers don’t pay the right attention during the shipping of the goods. The sender (for law) cannot be considered responsible. Since 15/10/2010 as an effect of the new shipping code, the insured goods MUST have on the shipping document the clause ”I RESERVE THE RIGHT TO CHECK THE GOODS” in order to obtain a reimbursement. The clause has to be written by hand by the consignee; in case of absence of that clause on the bill returned to the carrier, he has the right to refuse any claim for "goods accepted in the state of delivery without exception," therefore recommend that you write yourself this clause receiving the goods without which you cannot make a complaint to the courier in case of damaged goods (even if the goods are insured). We suggest to write the above mentioned clause even in case of whole package.