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Italpark creates with great care vases made of Carrara marble grit of any dimensions, square, rectangular, round and angled, amphora shaped, decorated with bas-reliefs.

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  • This vessel is a perfect copy of an object that is not lacking in any Italian house, the Portanoci, goes perfectly with a column Acradina both are composed of marble chips of "Carrara", and all 100% Made in Italy.

  • The simple lines and representations of the ears make it a simple vase but for people to taste the marble chips of "Carrara" from the brilliance and simplicity that only the Italian countryside.

  • The stone veneer is been very useful to complete the representation of this vaso.Composto entirely 100% Made in Italy.

  • This planter grit Carrara marble, is composed of simple lines and to the sides, in rlievo, you may notice some symbols nell'antichità.L'operato is born entirely by and in the work of the Made in Italy.

  • This article in reconstituted stone has been created following the classic rounded lines of the culture contadina.Italpark created this product to oust the saying "square is better." Item 100% Made in Italy.

  • Vase crushed marble of Carrara, 100% Made in Italy.

  • This article "Columbia" has been designed to complement and enhance the aesthetics of your garden. It is made from marble chips of "Carrara" and we would like to remind you that it is 100% Made in Italy.

  • The vessel Dalia has been designed to let you remember the true meaning of love, that's why it has to be given to pesone speciali.La very special processing of crushed marble of Carrara, leaves no doubt, Dalia is a great gift for impress all the women.

  • Codest vessel composed of crushed marble of Carrara want to bring your garden at the time of the great Roman emperors as the great Augustus, now as time all Made in Italy

Showing 1 - 9 of 83 items