Garden furniture

Garden furniture


  • Tool - Vase

    Italpark uses high quality raw materials to produce very elegant pots of any dimensions and shapes, single or in pairs, completely made of Carrara marble grit.

  • Vases


    Italpark creates with great care vases made of Carrara marble grit of any dimensions, square, rectangular, round and angled, amphora shaped, decorated with bas-reliefs.

  • Flower - Vases

    Italpark produces, in addition to pots and vases, windows boxes made of Carrara marble grit which can be put both on the balcony and the garden.

  • Basements

    Italpark produces basements made of Carrara marble grit, which can be perfect pedestals that will give the due importance to your vases and statues, from the simplest to the most bizarre.

  • Bas - Reliefs

    Italpark produces also bas-reliefs, a kind of sculpture where the figures are represented on a panel of Carrara marble grit from which they protrude with reduced relief. It produces a raised contrast that gives the feeling of seeing a painting in relief. Italpark proposes also bas-reliefs depicting historical and religious scenes, floral motifs, coats of arms and even more.

  • Busts

    Italpark produces busts made of Carrara marble grit representing sacred, mythological and historical subjects and also Divinities. In fact we propose busts of Dyane, Giulio Cesar, Leonardo da Vinci, and not only. A “must-have” for all the history lovers.

  • Columns

    Italpark produces columns made of Carrara marble grit. They can be used as basements for busts or small statues. We propose different styles and dimensions and they can be used both inside and outside, thanks to the treatments supplied by Italpark.

  • Table garden seat

    Italpark produces tables, stools and a bench made of Carrara marble grit for the garden’s decoration and proposes round and rectangular tables, square and round stools, circular and square benches with and without back.

  • Wells

    Italpark produces wells made of Carrara marble grit topped by galvanized iron arches.

  • Garden suite

    Italpark produces gazebos for gardens made of Carrara marble grit, supplied with a dome of wrought browned iron or wooden beams. So that it is possible to cover the gazebo and make it safe from sun and rain.

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