Who we are


The firm ITALPARK is present on the market from more than 45 years.The purpose, of the founder, Mr SPINONI BENIAMINO, was to do his best to copy the stone. We can say that year after year, thanks to our passion and obstinacy, we succeded that purpose. Thanks to our continuous engagement, in 1978 we gained the "Apollo D'Oro", an important European prize for trade. Thanks to use of exclusively Italian raw materials of excellent quality, marble's graniglia (the famous marble's Carrara) and white cement we can affirm with certainty our products have an incomparable compactness and resistence to any climate and bad weather. The range of the products articles is wide: vases, statues, fountains,bodices, gazebo, capitals and much more. The firm ITALPARK is famous for the quality of its production: The finishing of our items are made by hand with extreme care. At the moment our presence is consolidated besides in Europe also in the east markets and in the U.S.A. to demonstration of the charm of our creations. We can send our goods in each part from Italy and of the world thanks to a particular packaging which safeguards the integrity during the shipment. With great satisfaction we say that our products are tipical hand-made italian items that our customers sell successfully.

Office: Via Roncalli, 2 -- 25022 Borgo S. Giacomo -BS- ITALY -

Factory: Via Prati Magri, 9 -- 25022 Borgo S. Giacomo - BS - ITALY -