Columns, pillars, capitals and balusters made in our factory complete the assortment of catalogs.


  • Columns Pillars Cappings

    Italpark creates columns and pillars made of Carrara marble grit that can be used both as load-bearing elements of the house structure and as elements where a pedestrian gate can be fixed with hinges. Italpark offers a wide range of products of every size and shape in order to suit the customers’ taste.

  • Mixed Item

    Italpark produces items made of Carrara marble grit such as pyramids, lights and lanterns to be put on the top of pillars and/or columns and also masks to hang on the wall inside or outside.

  • Balaustrades

    Italpark produces balustrades made f Carrara marble grit perfect as fences for terraces, balconies, outdoor stairs, and porches and so on.

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