Colonnino Cartagine
  • Colonnino Cartagine
  • Colonnino Cartagine
  • Colonnino Cartagine

Colonnino Carthage

This colonnino, made entirely of Carrara marble chips using a technique which provides for the use of stone veneer, is a standoff by the Doric style. It can act as a stand for our range of busts and is named after a famous Phoenician colony in North Africa.

The Cartagena Column is a small Doric-style column that can serve as a pedestal for our range of busts. Inspired by the famous Phoenician colony in North Africa, this column is entirely made of Carrara marble grit using a technique that involves the use of reconstituted stone. Its elegant and balanced form enhances the beauty of the displayed busts. With its weather resistance and high-quality craftsmanship made in Italy, it represents a premium addition to any space. Every detail is meticulously crafted, and worldwide shipping is available.

ART. 710

Data sheet

height (cm)
weight (kg)
Base cm
24 X 24

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