Colonna Pompei
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  • Colonna Pompei
  • Colonna Pompei

Column Pompei

Column h 250 cm (excluding capital). Customized production.

To order:

- Article 809 Column Pompeii

- Article 809 / B Smooth Capital h 25 cm

- Article 809 / C Capital decorated h 30 cm

The "Colonna Pompei" is a true marvel that captivates with its elegant and imposing shape. Made with Carrara marble grit, this column boasts exceptional weather resistance, making it suitable for any outdoor environment. Proudly produced in Italy, it embodies high quality and meticulously crafted details. Worldwide shipping is available, allowing you to bring the beauty and elegance of the "Colonna Pompei" wherever you desire.

ART. 809

Data sheet

height (cm)
weight (kg)
Base cm
40 X 40
Diameter (cm)